1. FundyBrian

    Time Stamp Results! TS106 2pm Saturday Nov-18

    Join the elite Time Stamp team for Saturday, 2pm, adventures! Overview: Participants are invited to make pictures for the Time Stamp project. There is no theme this round. Photograph whatever is happening, or make something happen. However, the catch is that your picture(s) must be made at...
  2. Venomator

    KickStarter PakPod - Adventure Tripod

    Pakpod: The Packable, Waterproof, Adventure Tripod Hi all, as first referenced > HERE < The PakPod is an ex-Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaign that is now up and running and taking orders... :D Not only that, but they are, for a limited time apparently, offering a 33% Discount on their sales...
  3. GroovyGouvy

    Dolly Dolly & Co. - The missing days

    In this thread the missing days (including pictures) of Dolly, Molly, Roxy and Joey in Germany will find its place, that can't be posted on the Dolly thread, because they are already in England. :) But there are some days left to post...
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