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  1. ImageArt

    Discussion: A Gradient App

    I’ve just come across Aurora which is a gradient app to add gradients/vignettes to a photo. My question is, has anybody used it? If so what do you think? Secondly, is there any point in getting a specialised app like this when in fact these gradients are possibly available in an app like Affinity?
  2. Derren Ohanian

    Intermix - Blend photos, videos, & gifs to create artistic collages

    Hello Mobitog community! DNA Apps is releasing a brand new creative app this weekend. Blend photos, videos, and gifs together like never before. Please let us know if you have any feedback to make this app even better as we are always looking for ways to improve. If you would like to join...
  3. NerdyTherapist

    Hello, I'm Peter

    Hello everyone, I am Peter from Tübingen, Germany. I came here through another developer, Noel Chenier. Here's my story: Like probably most of you, I have my phone with me all the times. Having two kids, I tend to take a lot of pictures, especially when they're doing something cute or funny...
  4. RoseCat

    MobiApp Update!

    WOW!!!!!! [emoji144]‍♀️ What an amazing update!!! [emoji178][emoji177][emoji177][emoji177] I'm now getting notifications on my iPhone screen and the red button is back on the MobiApp! And now there's a trending section... and there's accompanying images with posts under the New Posts...
  5. ImaginRamon

    Opinion needed: A mobile photography game!

    Hello everybody! My name is Ramon. I am part of the Imagin team and we really need your help! We are developing a free app where you can create mobile photo competitions. In here you can take on your friends or strangers and decide for once and for all who makes the coolest pictures. To make...