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  1. JohnnyMakai

    “City Goin' Crazy!" (photo inside)

    “City Goin' Crazy!" - Shot on - iPhone 5s - Edited with - VSCO
  2. JohnnyMakai

    "Stranded In Hopelessness" (photo inside)

    - Shot on - iPhone 5s - Cropped with - Camera+ - Edited with - VSCO
  3. JohnnyMakai

    Surfing The Horizon (photo inside)

    - Shot on - iPhone 6s PLUS w/ Moment Wide Lens - Cropped with - Camera+ - Edited with - VSCO Enjoy! :look:
  4. JohnnyMakai

    Wondering Thoughts (photo inside)

    "Wondering Thoughts" Shot on - iPhone 6s PLUS Cropped in - Camera+ Edited in - VSCO Enjoy! :look:
  5. JohnnyMakai

    STOP! In the... (photo inside)

    "STOP! In the..." Shot on - iPhone 6s PLUS Edited in - VSCO Enjoy! :look:
  6. JohnnyMakai

    - Take The Blue Pill -

    Photo taken at The Delphi Headquarters in Troy, Michigan just over a year ago with The iPhone 5s. Edited with Camera Plus (also made this edit over a year ago and just now saved it. Haha!) Enjoy. :)