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  1. zenjenny

    RESULT 2WeeklyAPPstract #18 19July-2August

    Welcome to MobiTog’s 2Weekly APPstract Challenge Rules: 1. Interpret the theme however you choose 2. Using apps 3. Tell us something about your interpretation TWO weeks: Friday to Friday (14 days, roughly) Winner: judges next round and chooses theme (or no theme) for that round Please see...
  2. ImageArt

    Ann’s Arty Attempts

    Got to get back into my photo manipulation and what better way to do it than slothing at home over Christmas with a new app to learn. However my first one doesn’t use Affinity at all. Apps: iColorama, Snapseed, Procreate, Glaze, Adobe Mix, Adobe Capture, Painterly.
  3. RoseCat


    I'm starting to love this app... (except for the fact that it forces a square crop and doesn't save in hi-res...but I'm hoping the dev will fix that soon... [emoji849][emoji52]) "Wave" is a fave so far, and I think having open sky or blank areas is a plus as you get more of the wonderful design...
  4. RoseCat

    Elements of Surprise RESULT: EOS #136

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in EOS challenge #135! Our Talented Team once again created an otherworldly EOS parallel dimension... :inlove: Be sure to check it out in the Gallery! This thread will kick off the 136th challenge... those interested in participating please sign up...