black & white

  1. RoseCat

    B&W B&W Challenge Rules

    B&W Challenge Rules The Rules are simple: All images must be taken and edited on a mobile device: a mobile phone, tablet, iPod or iPad. All images must be simply black and white and all of those lovely shades of grey. Beware grunge edits which may add colour. If we notice an image that has...
  2. liamski

    Concrete Car Park

    Brutal yet strangely attractive... The very abstract looking NCP Car Park in Welbeck Street, Central London. Rumours it might be knocked down and replaced with an hotel. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Taken in Lenka app, tweaked with LightRoom for Android
  3. liamski

    Colliers wood Tower

    The new "Colliers Wood Tower" replacing an equally brutal building in Southampton London. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, taken with Lenka app, unedited.
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