hipstamatic x

  1. ImageArt

    New Hipstamatic (the old X)

    The owners of Hipstamatic now call the old Hipstamatic X just Hipstamatic and the other, Classic Camera or I’ve got stuck into ’Hipstamatic’, wrestled with working it out and am now starting to enjoy it. I looked at some combos on the old Hipstography website and have a couple of good ones set...
  2. rvenneman

    Which way do I go??

    I have had Hipstamatic on my phones for years but never used it. I just dumped my Nikon full frame, lenses and all and we are going to learn iPhone photography, with a lot of help. My 72 year old hands are not as strong and they use to be. To someone who knows nothing of Hipstamatic, what would...
  3. Populuxe

    Seattle, Saturday Night, in the smoke of Eastern Washington Wildfires

    I revived my old broken iPhone 7 Plus so I could load the latest version of Hipstamatic X on it. I spent a few hours driving around downtown Seattle taking photos of it in the smoke from wildfires in Eastern Washington. After about a hundred photos, my phone bricked itself. Thankfully all the...
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