1. ImageArt

    New Hipstamatic (the old X)

    The owners of Hipstamatic now call the old Hipstamatic X just Hipstamatic and the other, Classic Camera or I’ve got stuck into ’Hipstamatic’, wrestled with working it out and am now starting to enjoy it. I looked at some combos on the old Hipstography website and have a couple of good ones set...
  2. Web-Betty

    Happy holidays!

    Here’s a few holiday-themed images. Feel free to add your own. Happy Holidays!
  3. ImageArt

    Hipstamatic - what’s your favourite combos? And let’s see some examples

    This is probably like opening a massive pandora’s box but I think quite a few of us are looking to find a set of useable staple combos. The best piece of advice I picked up was from lkbside , Leslie, who said that she sets her default combo in the editing section of Hipstamatic to the lens Jane...
  4. Populuxe

    Everyday Susie (Hipstamatic)

    The Susie lens was first introduced in the We Heart Boobies Goodpak and later included in Retropak Two. With its heavy pink tint, overexposure and desaturation, it is one of the most difficult lenses to get a good photo with in the Hipstamatic catalog. So I’ve decided to do a photo-a-day project...
  5. rvenneman

    Which way do I go??

    I have had Hipstamatic on my phones for years but never used it. I just dumped my Nikon full frame, lenses and all and we are going to learn iPhone photography, with a lot of help. My 72 year old hands are not as strong and they use to be. To someone who knows nothing of Hipstamatic, what would...
  6. Geek1956

    Sydney’s Opera House

  7. Geek1956

    Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea

    Sculpture By The Sea, Sydney. iPhone and Hipstamatic .Loftus Lens and Blanko 일 Film
  8. Populuxe

    Populuxe's Swinging Space-Age Bachelor Pad & Mobile Photography Roundup

    Welcome to my swinging space-age bachelor pad. Wood paneling, shag carpets and Martin Denny on the hi-fi. Mix yourself a cocktail from the bar, sit back in an Eames lounge chair, and hopefully enjoy a few photos. First up are some photos I took on a rainy Sunday afternoon near Mount Si in...
  9. richardcb

    Hipsta Night Combo

    I'm having fun posting in Facebook's Hipsta 365 group at the moment and thought I'd share an image I've just posted on the subject of 'night'. It's produced using the Takashi lens and Daydream film, a combo I wasn't sure about but am quite pleased with the result.
  10. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Celebrating 8 Years of Hipstamatic...

    Celebrating 8 Years of Hipstamatic... :notworthy: And collect an Anniversary Case... :thumbs: FREE... :rog:
  11. Venomator

    HipstaPaks FIRST FRIDAY - Cape Town HipstaPak

    IT’S DECEMBER (already!?!)... :eek: FIRST FRIDAY - Cape Town HipstaPak Bo-Kaap Lens - adding simple saturation and contrast with this Made in South Africa minimalist offering... 12 Apostles Film (Say what?) - a South African film offering subtle colour shift and emphasis (not seen this...
  12. Venomator

    HipstaPaks First Friday - Agra HipstaPak

    First Friday - Agra HipstaPak Get your Taj on - Apparently... :D
  13. Eric Rozen

    The Cosmetic Collection

    We have the immense pleasure of introducing a new pallet of combos called The Cosmetic Collection. Welcome to Salvia, Lilium and Vitis. The combos are available for download on the following page: http://hipstography.com/en/combos-2/the-cosmetic-collection-2.html We hope you will enjoy these...
  14. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Kissimmee HipstaPak - Dated, Really!

    First Friday - April 2017 gives us... KISSIMMEE HIPSTAPAK
  15. M

    Phantom border when border set to off, with John S

    I've got the new version of Hipstamatic (320) on my iphone and ipad pro. I've just been getting into it, not really been a hipstamatic user. But I'm liking it, other than the unintuitive nature and lack of documentation, which makes learning it tough. But I have an issue I hope someone can...
  16. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Philadelphia HipstaPak - Celebrate Independence

    PHILADELPHIA HIPSTAPAK TYPE HipstaPak CONTENTS Lens and Film Celebrate Independence THIS PAK INCLUDES FRANKLIN LIBERTY PHOTO BY ARAVIND KAIMAL Taken with Franklin Lens and Liberty Film PHOTO BY RYAN DORSHORST Taken with Franklin Lens and Liberty Film PHOTO BY ARAVIND KAIMAL...
  17. odilonvert

    Hipstamatic and storage

    Hi all, I've searched the internet and can't seem to find any answers to this issue - that Hipstamatic eats up storage, and there seems to be no way of fixing that. Clearing caches does not work as it did before. It seems that people have complained about this to Hipstamatic but there has been...
  18. Eric Rozen

    Welcome to the Hipstography Awards 2015

    For the third year running, I have the immense pleasure of welcoming you all to the Hipstography Awards. You may now get this party started! Without further ado, here are the winners: http://hipstography.com/en/hipstography-awards-2015-en-2/the-ceremony.html Congratulations to everyone!
  19. wolf391

    Blow Back

    Hipstamatic. Juxtaposer, ArtsetPro, SnapSeed
  20. wolf391

    Lost To Words

    Lost To Words Hipstamatic, SnapSeed, Juxtaposer, ArtSet Pro, 2015
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