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  1. RoseCat

    RESULT Hipstamatic Magic Challenge #6

    Are you a Hipstamatic Wiz? Wow, Hipstamatic can do that? This is a great place for discovery and to try new things and see what can be done and surprises that result. We love to see your attempts, whatever they might be. Ask a question and there’s always useful tips from the seasoned Hipstas...
  2. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Celebrating 8 Years of Hipstamatic...

    Celebrating 8 Years of Hipstamatic... :notworthy: And collect an Anniversary Case... :thumbs: FREE... :rog:
  3. Venomator

    HipstaPaks FIRST FRIDAY - Cape Town HipstaPak

    IT’S DECEMBER (already!?!)... :eek: FIRST FRIDAY - Cape Town HipstaPak Bo-Kaap Lens - adding simple saturation and contrast with this Made in South Africa minimalist offering... 12 Apostles Film (Say what?) - a South African film offering subtle colour shift and emphasis (not seen this...
  4. Venomator

    HipstaPaks First Friday - Agra HipstaPak

    First Friday - Agra HipstaPak Get your Taj on - Apparently... :D
  5. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Kissimmee HipstaPak - Dated, Really!

    First Friday - April 2017 gives us... KISSIMMEE HIPSTAPAK
  6. Venomator

    HipstaPaks Philadelphia HipstaPak - Celebrate Independence

    PHILADELPHIA HIPSTAPAK TYPE HipstaPak CONTENTS Lens and Film Celebrate Independence THIS PAK INCLUDES FRANKLIN LIBERTY PHOTO BY ARAVIND KAIMAL Taken with Franklin Lens and Liberty Film PHOTO BY RYAN DORSHORST Taken with Franklin Lens and Liberty Film PHOTO BY ARAVIND KAIMAL...