1. ImageArt

    Mobi52 Ann's Project 52 - 2017: iColorama Apps

    Going to try and do a pic a week with IC apps - iColorama, Metabrush and IC_Brushes just to keep my hand in.
  2. ImageArt

    IC_Brushes with iColorama

    Here's the first video to show you how to use the IC_Brushes with iColorama. There's a bit of Procreate to fix a feeler and Photoshop Mix to cut out the shape. You can just skip this if you want to go straight to the creation of the brush. Finally a bit of Snapseed seeing as we are all up on...
  3. ImageArt


    Let's add all our collages here.
  4. ImageArt

    Digital Collages with iColorama

    Here is my first video tutorial to help you with making collages in iColorama.
  5. Pam Lefcourt

    Hi there Photobuds!

    -So excited to find iColorama and start with Jerry Jobe's tutorials. -I'm grateful to have found another new obsession! -Many apps on my iPhone, just looking to get a bit more confused....where's that image, where's that new version? LOL
  6. dodge and burn

    Hello mobitog family!

    I'm a newbie here and am looking forward to a productive and creative experience with you all. Thanks and more power!
  7. RoseCat

    iColorama RESULT: Color Me iColorama

    sinnerjohn had a fab idea to have an iColorama Challenge, so here we are! :D The only rule being that you must use the iColorama app to edit your image - and since iColorama has so many different features, I'd say use ONLY iColorama in your edit. Please see the Rules and Guidelines for...
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