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    Ann’s Animations

    I’m going through a phase of doing animations on the iPad. We have a Children’s Christmas Party every year at the golf club and I’m thinking of projecting animations onto a big white sheet in the lounge as an added bit of excitement for the kids. Not sure whether my projector is strong enough...
  2. ImageArt

    Ann’s Ten Week Walkathon

    In an attempt to shed the pounds put on over the past year, I am walking for an hour or more every day for 10 weeks. I have joined the National Trust so I can walk in all the gardens and parks which are nearby and have researched all the Surrey Wildlife Trust Reserves as well as signing up for a...
  3. ImageArt

    Mobi52 Ann’s Project 52 - 2021

    Gee, Star, felt I must join you.
  4. ImageArt

    Ann’s Arty Attempts

    Got to get back into my photo manipulation and what better way to do it than slothing at home over Christmas with a new app to learn. However my first one doesn’t use Affinity at all. Apps: iColorama, Snapseed, Procreate, Glaze, Adobe Mix, Adobe Capture, Painterly.
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