1. J

    Hi, everyone

    My name is Johns and I am from Ontario.
  2. mcmillan

    Hello Mobitog!

    I thought I'd write a proper introduction of myself since I'm going to be around here more often. It's a great community and I'm really liking it. My name is Greg McMillan and I shoot with an iPhone. I have a feeling I'm older than most of you as I'm in my mid fifties but I have the mind of a...
  3. MoPhotoBlog

    New here, but not new to mobile photography!

    Hey everybody! My name is Daniel, I'm a photography enthusiast, blogger and passionate about the potential of mobile smartphone photography! I recently started a blog at Also, my instagram is @MoPhotoBlog. (I hope posting links is OK in this thread, I apologize if...
  4. NerdyTherapist

    Hello, I'm Peter

    Hello everyone, I am Peter from Tübingen, Germany. I came here through another developer, Noel Chenier. Here's my story: Like probably most of you, I have my phone with me all the times. Having two kids, I tend to take a lot of pictures, especially when they're doing something cute or funny...