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  1. RoseCat

    iCloud not syncing Safari tabs

    I am running OS X El Capitan on my late 2009 iMac. I've got iCloud turned on. When in Safari on my iMac I can access the Safari tabs on my (old!) iPad, but not my iPhone 7 Plus. My iPhone accesses Safari tabs from both the iMac and the iPad. My iPad accesses Safari tabs from the iMac but not...
  2. RoseCat

    Apple trapped me on iOS — perhaps forever

    Although I've never attempted to switch, I can relate to the horror as described in this article. :eek: Apple trapped me on iOS — perhaps forever by Damon Beres My iPhone may as well be lodged in my brainstem, right between the pons and medulla oblongata. I don't like to admit it, but Lord Tim...
  3. RoseCat

    Transferring Music from iPhone to iMac

    When I synced my iPhone 7 Plus to my late 2009 recently restored iMac, only 400+ of the 1,000+ songs transferred over. I found this application online - iExplorer - and wonder if anyone has used it? It seems "legit" and "safe"... but I like to check here first at MobiTog before trying these...
  4. steveclemenson

    New member of the group

    I'm Steve. U. S. Army Veteran. iPhone 7 plus photographer.
  5. Derren Ohanian

    Promo Codes for Photo Candy, Gifx, & Intermix

    Hello Mobitogers! We are happy to announce that we will be giving away 10 promo codes to any of our apps this week in celebration of our newly released app Intermix. Intermix allows you to blend photos, videos, and gifs with custom masking tools to create artistic collages. To win a free...
  6. Derren Ohanian

    Gifx - Add gifs & music to your photos & videos

    Add animated gifs & music to your photos & videos like never before with Gifx. Download unlimited gifs from Giphy.com or import your own from your camera roll. Customize your gifs by changing opacity, size, and even masking out areas of the gif for another level of creativity. When finished you...
  7. Derren Ohanian

    Intermix - Blend photos, videos, & gifs to create artistic collages

    Hello Mobitog community! DNA Apps is releasing a brand new creative app this weekend. Blend photos, videos, and gifs together like never before. Please let us know if you have any feedback to make this app even better as we are always looking for ways to improve. If you would like to join...
  8. richardcb

    iPhone killing off DSLRs? Flickr says yes.

    An intriguing article in Australia's Daily Telegraph reveals that, according to Flickr, the iPhone is sending the DSLR camera "the way of the Dodo". In its annual report Flickr revealed that this year the top three cameras used to shoot photos uploaded to its site were the iPhone 6, 5S and 6S...
  9. JohnnyMakai

    Who here uses a slider for their phone?

    Just as the title depicts. I'm curious to know if anyone here uses one to add nice cinematic movement to their shots? I bought one from amazon but it actually was a piece of crap and I returned it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0113NPI4A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It...
  10. Venomator

    New Olloclip - FLASH SALE - Limited Time Offer

    FLASH SALE Courtesy > Olloclip July Flash Sale FREE OLLO CASE + PENDANT STAND AND ATTACHMENT LOOP WITH ANY IPHONE 6/6s / 6/6s PLUS LENS PURCHASE Purchase any iPhone 6/6s / 6/6s Plus Lens and get a FREE ollo Case AND Pendant Stand and Attachment Loop. How to redeem: Add any iPhone 6/6s /...
  11. JohnnyMakai

    Curious Stranger - Kyoto Bound. (Photo inside!)

    A candid photo I took of a curious stranger with natural light amongst a bullet train from Tokyo, Japan to Kyoto, Japan. Shot on iPhone 6s Plus.
  12. Cameron Getty

    Golden Hour in Sea Ranch, CA

    Who doesn't love golden hour? Untitled by Cameron Getty, on Flickr Untitled by Cameron Getty, on Flickr Untitled by Cameron Getty, on Flickr Untitled by Cameron Getty, on Flickr