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  1. Chemotaxis

    B&W Alone

    Shot on OnePlus 3. Edited in polarr.
  2. Regulusoleo

    Royal Castle & Old Town

    Nokia N8 Zeiss Tessar, CameraPro, PhotoFX
  3. Regulusoleo

    movie mural under the bridge

    Nokia N8 Zeiss Tessar, CameraPro, PhotoFX
  4. Regulusoleo


  5. Regulusoleo


    in the afternoon by the river with clouds, colors & sun !! nokia n9-zeiss tessar
  6. Regulusoleo


    New Temple in Warsaw, Poland . Nokia N8, Zeiss Tessar, pure obtion (no program) !!
  7. Regulusoleo

    Bug river

    Bug - the name of the river in Poland. Device Nokia N9, no manipulation, no program, pure photo with Zeiss Tessar optics !!
  8. Regulusoleo

    light painted autograph

    light painted autograph
  9. Day #2 - Light (as a Feather...)

    Day #2 - Light (as a Feather...)

    #21DaysWORLD #Stilton #UK FeatherLight... :D Hipstamatic Chivas Estrada 83 Leprechaun Tears Gel (Full)