1. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW8 - Instant Abstract

    The object to this workshop will be to create an abstract image using a camera app that has live effects that you can preview before pressing the shutter. You don’t make a standard image at all. You go directly to abstract. You preview the effect on-screen and commit to the result before...
  2. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW6 - Pictorial Abstraction

    MW6 - Pictorial Abstraction. Pictorial Abstraction refers to a genre of photos that were made seeing the subject in other than the literal way. In this case it isn’t the plant stalks that are the subject but the intersection between subject and shadows forming something new. While we’re at it...
  3. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW5 Using the Histogram

    There was a request to discuss the use of the histogram so that will be the focus of this week’s MobiWorkshop. You will see a Histogram displayed in many camera apps. You may have to go into the settings to turn on the display of the histogram. It can be very helpful in making good exposures...
  4. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW4 - Tripping the Light Fandango - by dscheff

    Yes, that’s right! dscheff will be presenting this workshop about photographic lighting. You all know how beautiful his photos are in his Making Arrangements thread. Watch this space - coming soon. I, for one, can’t wait.
  5. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW3 Curves

    The use of curves is a natural extension from our MW2 about White Balance & Colour balance. Curves are often used when making corrections to tonality and colour in images. Before we get into using curves for image correction it makes sense to introduce curves to make sure everyone understands...
  6. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW2 White Balance

    White Balance or Colour Balance What is white balance or colour balance and how does it become out of balance? How do we know when it is correct? The other day I was making a close-up of a nice apple that happened to have a yellow shadow impression of a leaf. My lighting was partially diffused...
  7. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MW 1 - Close-up Photography

    Welcome to MobiWorkshop - your home for ongoing explorations into photographic topics. The idea behind MobiWorkshop is to provide a group learning environment where we can explore various topics and discuss the photos we made on the topic. We will draw upon the expertise of members, books, and...
  8. FundyBrian

    MobiWorkshop MobiWorkshop - New for 2019

    Did you ever wonder why some photos are called photo decor while others end up in art galleries? To quote something from a milk carton - “Our cows are not contented. They are anxious to do better.” Is anyone completely satisfied with their current abilities in photography? <Pause> I didn’t...
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