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  1. Regulusoleo

    Left bank

    Vistula river left bank in Warsaw, Poland - penetrated by the beavers. NokiaN8 Zeiss Tessar . Pure optics !!
  2. burhinus

    New boy

    Hi this is my first post having just joined. I appear to be hooked on iPhoneography. I live in Suffolk, UK and am interested in photographing landscapes, nature and a bit of Macro. Just beginning really so a lot to learn and keen to pick up on any tips being passed around.
  3. Venomator

    Bathing Beauty...

    Easter Monday Treat... :D Not every day you have one of these beauties ablute in one's garden bath... :eek: She had already been in the garden for at least 15 minutes, five of which were sitting on the bath and an earlier section of video of three minutes plus... :rog:
  4. Kaywib

    My better half.

    snapped this image during our stroll in the woods yesterday. captured with Samsung S6.edited in XN retro Pro, Lightroom mobile and Cameringo+.