1. mcmillan

    Hello Mobitog!

    I thought I'd write a proper introduction of myself since I'm going to be around here more often. It's a great community and I'm really liking it. My name is Greg McMillan and I shoot with an iPhone. I have a feeling I'm older than most of you as I'm in my mid fifties but I have the mind of a...
  2. FundyBrian

    Time Stamp Results! TS112 2pm Saturday Dec-30

    "NEW" On the edge of a New Year. Join the elite Time Stamp team for Saturday, 2pm, adventures! Overview: Participants are invited to make pictures for the Time Stamp project. There is no theme this round. Photograph whatever is happening, or make something happen. However, the catch is that...
  3. Derren Ohanian

    Gifx - Add gifs & music to your photos & videos

    Add animated gifs & music to your photos & videos like never before with Gifx. Download unlimited gifs from or import your own from your camera roll. Customize your gifs by changing opacity, size, and even masking out areas of the gif for another level of creativity. When finished you...