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  1. Gimbse

    The Gimbse Camera App in Depth

    Are you a Gimbse user or have lately considered to become one? And have you been wondering what to do with all those functions, especially the perspective ones? Then do not hesitate, all questions about Gimbse are welcome!
  2. Gimbse

    Hello MobiTog!

    My name is Christian Kappertz and I have developed the Gimbse camera app. I joined MobiTog to get in touch with the people who really use it in everyday life. So if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to talk, please don't hesitate to do so. :)
  3. JohnnyMakai

    “City Goin' Crazy!" (photo inside)

    “City Goin' Crazy!" - Shot on - iPhone 5s - Edited with - VSCO
  4. JohnnyMakai

    "Stranded In Hopelessness" (photo inside)

    - Shot on - iPhone 5s - Cropped with - Camera+ - Edited with - VSCO
  5. JohnnyMakai

    Wondering Thoughts (photo inside)

    "Wondering Thoughts" Shot on - iPhone 6s PLUS Cropped in - Camera+ Edited in - VSCO Enjoy! :look:
  6. JohnnyMakai

    STOP! In the... (photo inside)

    "STOP! In the..." Shot on - iPhone 6s PLUS Edited in - VSCO Enjoy! :look: