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project 52

  1. RoseCat

    Mobi52 RoseCat Catherine's Project 52 - 2020

    A new year, and a new decade.... :fearscream: looking forward to another 52 project!
  2. Ryn S

    Mobi52 Ryn’S Project 52 - 2018

    Scaling back from a 365, hoping for quality rather than quantity this year.
  3. RoseCat

    Mobi52 Catherine's Project 52 - 2018

    Can't believe another new year is almost here.... 2017 sure flew by! :eek: Looking forward to posting here again for another year. :D I don't think I'll have a theme or any structure... I rather like seeing what each week brings. :D
  4. RoseCat

    Mobi52 Catherine's Project 52 - 2017

    Looking forward to another year of Project 52! It might be fun to use Hipstamatic this time around... it's just that I've been loving the native camera on my iPhone 7 Plus so much that many times I don't even edit the images... :look:
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