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  1. Pennapolis

    Good Afternoon All! (a very very late greeting)

    My name is Henry Penna. Born on Long Island, New York. Raised on Long Island and in Clarksville, Tennessee. Currently, I'm located in Tucson, Arizona. I'm a veteran and I currently work at Davis Monthan Air Force Base at the famous military aircraft boneyard (AMARG). As my Instagram page says, I...
  2. liamski

    Mobi365 Liamski's Project 365 - 2017

    Here we go, almost forgot.... made a resolution to up my Photography game this year, my little friend will join me along the way.... photo taken at Embankment Tube station, London Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, edited with Snapseed
  3. liamski

    Little Church in Paphos

    Beautiful little church here in Paphos, Cyprus. Split photo with 2 different focal points. Taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, stock camera, combined in Photo Studio Pro (no edits).
  4. liamski

    Bee in the Rose Garden

    Tried out the Slow-mo Video function on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Taken in the Rose Garden, Morden Hall Park, South London
  5. liamski

    Waiting to Open

    Taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Stock camera app, auto mode Uncropped and unedited.