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  1. 14785C95-F3C4-4BC7-B12C-E0CDDB844741.jpeg


    This pretty thing was resting on my deck this morning. Damsel or dragon fly?
  2. Dr.Ranas

    Doors and Windows Challenge

    Post any Doors and Windows Images Capture by any Devices , Black and white or Color :) Here is my Entry below ;) Red and Green Shot By Halide and Processed in snapseed
  3. RoseCat


    This is an image I took at an intersection while stopped at a red light, then mashed it up in decim8 and Enlight, with a smidge of Snapseed.
  4. Cruising


    Taken on the morning of Christmas Eve. Hubby and I went to the produce market very early (past 5 am) to avoid the crowds. On our way home, this cruise ship (P&O's Britannia) was being guided into the harbour by the tug boat and we stuck around to look. (Edited with Snapseed.)
  5. Nostalgia


    One of the very first photos I took with my iPhone, taken in a moving vehicle. This is a small park (more a seating area) overlooking the Castries Harbour. Good site to ogle the cruise ships. (Castries is our capital city)
  6. sinnerjohn

    T W A C RESULT: TWAC - Snapseed - Nov 16-30

    Two week app challenge TWAC (16th November to 30th November) Following on from the successful iColorama challenge a little while ago I'd like to start a series of Two Week App Challenges concentrating on the use of a single app. Hopefully this will show how we each use a common app and maybe...
  7. West End Girl

    Seattle - Before and After

    On another sites' challenge someone took their cityscape and made it look like an old postcard. So I tried it on a pic of Seattle I took this past July. Still never figured out how to get the matte, paper, watercolor look...but I will keep trying.
  8. liamski

    Boats in Portsmouth Harbour

    I liked the way these were arranged. Photo in Portsmouth Harbour. Taken with Sony Xperia Z3, edited with Snapseed.
  9. liamski

    New Bond Street, London

    Sony Xperia Z3, Camera FV-5 app, edited in Snapseed.
  10. images


    It's amazing what you can do with Snapseed.
  11. wolf391


    Notes To Myself artsetpro, snapseed, juxtaposer
  12. wolf391

    Lost To Words

    Lost To Words Hipstamatic, SnapSeed, Juxtaposer, ArtSet Pro, 2015
  13. wolf391

    Totaly Mobi

    A collage from yesterday that was all mobi. Failure To Communicate Hipstamatic, SnapSeed, Juxtaposer, ArtSetPro
  14. wolf391


    iPod Touch, Hipstamatic, SnapSeed, Juxtaposer, Stackables, ArtSet Pro, 2015
  15. The Skylight, by Catherine Restivo

    The Skylight, by Catherine Restivo

    Hipstamatic, VSCOcam, Snapseed, MobiMono 97, by Catherine Restivo.