1. Regulusoleo


  2. Regulusoleo


    in the afternoon by the river with clouds, colors & sun !! nokia n9-zeiss tessar
  3. Regulusoleo

    Left bank

    Vistula river left bank in Warsaw, Poland - penetrated by the beavers. NokiaN8 Zeiss Tessar . Pure optics !!
  4. Regulusoleo

    Bug river

    Bug - the name of the river in Poland. Device Nokia N9, no manipulation, no program, pure photo with Zeiss Tessar optics !!
  5. Vistula left bank

    Vistula left bank

  6. Kaywib

    My better half.

    snapped this image during our stroll in the woods yesterday. captured with Samsung S6.edited in XN retro Pro, Lightroom mobile and Cameringo+.
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