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“Search” on the App Store


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A few times the topic of the search function on the App Store has come up - mostly because of how poor it is. You type in a specific app name and instead of appearing at the top of the list it may be half way down.
Did you notice when you installed iOS 11.3 the new Apple privacy icon & statement?
It says that any time an Apple feature wants to use your personal information this icon will pop up and explain why they want that info. It sounds to me that Apple is becoming more conscious of privacy issues.
The first time it popped up for me was when I made a search on the App Store. It said something about the things that show up on a search are tailored to my interests based on the apps on my iPhone and some other stuff I can’t remember. I should have made a screen shot for reference. Anyhow, it means a simple search is not as simple as we think. That is something I would like to switch off. Although, perhaps that also protects me from getting a list full of game titles.