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2boyz4me's Project 365 - 2014

3/12/14.... Day 71!

Rode the stationary bike - getting the exercise in still! :)
I promise - I have pics for all of last week! I swear, I can't wait til the next couple of months are over! LOL! :)

Will post them later today when I get a chance.
I admit defeat .... I couldn't keep up! We've had SO much craziness going on! constantly busy and on the go!

While I won't have 365 days worth of photos can I pick back up where we left off?
3/28/14.... Day 87!!

Holden was interviewed by our local news speciality show and the interview is actually airing tomorrow. The first picture was in front of the bear statue (the trail in behind him is where he'll be running his 1/2 marathon) with Ariane Aramburo, the woman who interviewed him. The second picture was during the taping of the interview :)

(and yes, I will post a link to the video when it goes online)

3/29/14.... Day 88!!

Team Ashton!!!! :)
Holden ran in the Wounded Warrior 5K in honor of his brother and decided to run with his brother and his runners for the race :)

3/30/14.... Day 89!!

(This wasn't MY photo but it WAS taken on an iDevice... :)) Holden was matched up with a teeny little baby as part of a Facebook group that pairs runners with babies, children and adults with disabilities. This was the sign Calder's mom posted for Holden and sent to me the day after the race.

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