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New 2WeeklyAPPstract #23 October


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Ann, I’m probably at fault here by rabbiting on so much about secular and religious history and the like. I can’t help it - I think about something and all these incredibly interesting segues appear in my mind, and they HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED. Google is my secret lover, my wanton pursuit of pleasure. My astrologer best friend says I’m a textbook Gemini (rizole :D ) and I know way more about astrology than any self-respecting psychologist should.

[i just did it again :cheeks: ]

Point is I should prob keep to myself the length and breadth of my meanderings — and post the bits most relevant to the theme. Which everyone else seems to manage perfectly well.

That point is ‘Juxtaposition’ = ‘compare and contrast’. Diptych means juxtapose two separate images. [imo less demanding than getting the compare ad contrast in one].

So we put together two images in which the pairing:
  1. is aesthetically pleasing
  2. makes something ordinary become extra-ordinary
  3. makes something with a standard meaning take on a new meaning
  4. shows one subject in two different lights
  5. makes us laugh
  6. makes us cry
  7. repeats or contrasts the fundamentals of art: subject, line, shape, palette, etc
  8. pleases us for some other reason

We’re here to learn from each other (how many tutorials have you offered to our enduring gratitude?). If the juxtaposition isn’t clear to you, it’s likely unclear to others. Ask. (From another artist it’s called ‘feedback’ and it turn out to be a really helpful q). Personally, I love it when when the artist says something about the piece - I feel I have another layer of appreciation for the work. Maybe we should ask people to do more of that?

The juxtaposition makes for an abstraction. Because the reader has to make a whole out of two parts. Ie it’s not one representational image. It might be two representational images, but the two together point to something more. The sum is greater than the parts.

I hope that helps. If it doesn’t I will abdicate in sinnerjohn ’s favour any future opportunities I might have to choose a theme :feet:
Well, I’m a Gemini too and actually a big researcher in everything I do (I have more than 500Gb of ‘inspiration’ images, video tutorials, art pdfs ranging from soda can flowers to polymer clay jewellery which I seldom look at because if I need something I go out researching again :lol: ) but at the moment I’m on Mobitog easy street so maybe I’ll just watch this one out. I’m responsible for the prize table at our Autumn golf meeting on Wednesday so busy crafting to match the prizes I bought. Just can’t do anything in half measures :rolleyes:.


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If you select the two-image layout just to the right of the four-image one you have circled, you can then choose Aspect and adjust the aspect ratio of the two images so that they don't have to be tall and thin. If you push the slider to the right, you can get two square images side by side that way.
This turns out to be an in-app purchase that I must have done long ago. Don't know how much it is, but most of the Diptic in-apps seem to be 99 cents.


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I was kinda using the doorway to divide the two halves, but I’ll see what I can do.
well I’d have to check the policy & procedures manual on that one, Star. I don’t recall anything about doorways as dividers in my(rather extensive if I say so myself) research on the CORRECT way to do diptychs :mobibabe:

Anyway, I only asked out of curiosity Bcs .... I was curious :)