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CLOSED Abstractify this for @Ryn S


Real Name
iPhone Xs

Abstract art ... does not attempt to represent
an accurate depiction of a visual reality
but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks
to achieve its effect (Tate)

Our previous victim, sdimbour has selected the beautiful image below from Ryn S for group abstract-ification.


And Ryn has foolishly graciously agreed to let MobiTog’s most creative geniuses loose on it!

That means you rework Ryn S image into what you consider an abstract version. Any apps, any interpretation — you can do pretty much whatever you like to it, as long as Ryn S can detect in your version some passing resemblance somewhere to the original.

This is not a competition: No judging, no winners.

The Rules are simple:

1) All images must be edited on a mobile device: a mobile phone, tablet, iPod or iPad.

2) Any app(s) can be used in the making of your image, but this must be done on a mobile device (see 1) above).

4) Please remember to add what apps were used. We love to know how you did it.

Please also see the MobiTog Rules and Guidelines for all MobiChallenges posted HERE.

After a week or so, Ryn S will give her reactions to the images that tickled or amazed or confused her before sidling up to some other poor unsuspecting sod selecting another lucky Member and selecting his/her image for the next ABSTRACT-IF-ICATION.
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