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Aaron Davis

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If anyone is interested in learning how to make short animations using QuickPix and GIFvid; I am planning a small tutorial project that would involve at least 5 Collaborators shooting and creating a Mobitog animation advertisement.
If you are interested reply to this thread and we'll get the project started.
I am sure Matt and, possibly me, would be Aaron... :thumbs:

Not seen the example yet as out and about but wi be checking it out later... :D

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I see there's been a bit of activity over night, just thought I'd write this and get my post to the top of the list again for one more try.
Certainly like the sound of the MobiTog animation advertisement and had a look at the Flickr sample you posted, super job Aaron... :thumbs:

Will be chatting this over with Matt tomorrow, Sunday, but it would help to understand what type of collaboration you had in mind... :D
The process would involve each participant shooting a 5 image sequence in QuickPix as shown in the example and processing 1 image out of each of the other participants image sequences then compiling them in GIFvid2.

The example I provided was a quick go at showing the processing possibilities. I guess the idea would be to show the many editing directions you can go with one image.

If you have any questions, happy to answer.
Righto, understand a little more of what you're suggesting Aaron, thanks again... :thumbs:

Will let you know how it goes after tomorrow... :D
QuickPix is free in the app store right now if you want join this collaboration/tutorial experiment.
Aaron Davis said:
Any word Rog?

Yep - we are up for it Aaron... :thumbs:

Just need you to take the lead - possibly under a new thread in Projects, when you are ready... :)

We are more than happy to chat about it in a three way Conversation before you kick off the project proper... :D

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