APPstract APPstract #54 Theme Flight Jul 24-Aug 7

Selfie: My Evil Twin and I
Mixerpiece, Decim8 and Impasso Pro

Hipstamatic for the weird edit, and Procreate for the strings (they were very very faint in the original photo).

What Ted said. Also, it appears to have collected a witch’s broomstick on the journey. Any sign of the witch?
Really interesting to see these two versions right together. The cats are easier to make out in the night version, I think, but I like both. Is that Hodge in there, or is just that all cats with alert ears look alike?
It’s one image of Lai layered over itself with different blends. (Witches have black cats, Ted - do keep up). I added the tail in SketchClub, and elongated the legs a bit. I had in mind winged cats, but the wings turned in to shark fins in Repix posterising layer.
Winging It

WomboDream, iColorama, DistressedFX+

This one I did today from my photo. WomboDream can act as a painting stylist, if your reference photo has “strong” influence and you include the artist name in the prompt. I used Boccioni.

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