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RESULT APPstract #64 December 26- January 10 Theme Spirits: any interpretation


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iPhone 14 Pro Max
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Welcome to APPstract #64
Dec26-Jan 10 (or thereabouts)


Starzee Star’s
“atmospheric lurking”
Winner APPstract #63

1. Interpret the theme
2. Use apps
3. Tell us about your edit
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JUDGE: Starzee Star
Theme: Spirits: any interpretation
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In case someone needs to bend the spirit of the challenge. :D

spir·it (spĭr′ĭt)
a. A force or principle believed to animate living beings.
b. A force or principle believed to animate humans and often to endure after departing from the body of a person at death; the soul.
2. Spirit The Holy Spirit.
3. A supernatural being, as:
a. An angel or demon.
b. A being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object, or natural phenomenon.
c. A fairy or sprite.
a. The part of a human associated with the mind, will, and feelings: Though unable to join us today, they are with us in spirit.
b. The essential nature of a person or group.
5. A person as characterized by a stated quality: He is a proud spirit.
a. An inclination or tendency of a specified kind: Her actions show a generous spirit.
b. A pervasive or essential attitude, quality, or principle: the spirit of 1776.
a. An attitude marked by enthusiasm, energy, or courage: sang with spirit; troops that fought with spirit.
b. spirits A mood or emotional state: The guests were in high spirits. His sour spirits put a damper on the gathering.
c. Strong loyalty or dedication: team spirit.
8. The actual though unstated sense or significance of something: the spirit of the law.
9. often spirits(used with a sing. verb) An alcohol solution of an essential or volatile substance.
10. spirits An alcoholic beverage, especially distilled liquor.
tr.v. spir·it·ed, spir·it·ing, spir·its
1. To carry off mysteriously or secretly: The documents had been spirited away.
2. To impart courage, animation, or determination to; inspirit.
verb: inspirit; 3rd person present: inspirits; past tense: inspirited; past participle: inspirited; gerund or present participle: inspiriting
encourage and enliven (someone).
"the photograph, published in a newspaper, was meant to inspirit the troops"

Window-shopping inspirits her


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Zeitgeist [noun]: The spirit of the age
Leonardo blending several different ICM shots
Love this, actually I really like all of these but this is my favorite. I was surprised to see Leonardo listed. I am surprised that it is still around. It used to be my absolute go to.
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