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APPStracts, Photo Impressionism and other Mangled Images

I like this :thumbs:
Thanks. I think the colors on that hydrangea are fascinating. If I were going to do it over, I think I'd use a larger crop so that the hydrangea is smaller in relation to the whole. I think it'd be clearer that it is part of the original photo rather than something dropped in.

Some practice masking in Procreate (a bit different than in Leonardo)
Masked out the windows, laid a new scene behind them, and then into iColorama to try to make it look all one piece.
If anyone's interested, I added the original photo of "Autumn on the river" as an attachment. If nothing else, it shows why I thought the edited version belongs in Appstracts -- it's pretty much made out of whole cloth :joycat:
Oops and I went in an edited to full image. Sorry.
I was thinking it might work for a series, too.
Yes! Similar: I followed a FB #outsidemywindow for a while. Very interesting seeing simple snaps of what people around the world* see when they are making dinner or hanging up the washing.

*or more accurately ‘….the world according to FB’

Created a photo album to use with FotoDa adding some collage pages I’d created in Procreate in as well as photos. I then took it into Procreate and put some ‘paper’ images on top, the crow being created in VectorQ. VectorQ now has a neat feature where it will automatically cut out an object from a background.

Here’s another FotoDa which wasn’t changed using the same basic collage from Procreate.

Here’s the basic collage I made to use in FotoDa.
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