APPStracts, Photo Impressionism and other Mangled Images

Mean streets

Does anyone remember app Copper Engraving/ Etching ? juryjone Jerry?
I think it may have been one of my first art/editing apps years ago, recently rediscovered. Most likely not, because the UI is very different. And I don’t like it as much. But it’s always fun digging up an old app.
This with a previously wrecked fragment of a Union stock image. Union SnapSeed DistressedFx
No, I never had that app. Looks like most of it could be accomplished in iColorama.
Rooftop blues


FotoDa SnapSeed SketchClub DistressedFX
Have the freezing problems sorted?
I deleted it and reinstalled on the iPad Pro. I have used that one. I did this on the mini, which I’ve never had a problem with. I’ve done this before with the Pro. It worked for a while then started freezing again.
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