Brushes for iColorama

How do you add brushes? And why is the brush a tree? I notched that with the iColorama update today they mentioned a new app called iC brushes, can't find it though
Is an apps and still in beta
No boys, you can get it in the App Store. I've just checked. You save my tree, for example, into your camera roll, open iC Brushes, then Photo, click on my tree then it'll ask you to name it, Save and Export to iColorama. And there it will be, in Brushes. Choose any Brush - Tools, Artist etc and then choose brush at the bottom of the screen and then choose Imported. I know, I'll go and take a screenshot, that'll be easier. Back in a minute.

I'm back.


Here's what iC Brushes looks like.


Weird, just had another read on the App Store and followed the 'developers apps' tab, and there it is. Couldn't find it by searching though

There have been several apps I can't find by searching in the apps store, but when I google them, bam, there they are. I don't get it.
I think that when I first searched for it it wasn't in the store, then 10 minutes later it was released. It has today's date on it, and it's the only version

It was a quick turnaround. I only got the iPhone beta a couple of days ago. There's also an update for iColorama S that changes the structure of the brush lists. It came through from beta to release immediately also.
An Artichoke brush for anyone who'd like it.

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Me me me!!!!! (except I have no idea how to get it inside iColorama [emoji15])

(You do know you'll be giving me iColorama lessons in June, right?? [emoji849][emoji16][emoji1366][emoji482][emoji179])

Aha! I watched Ann's video and saw I had to buy IC Brushes. [emoji1360] Artichoke imported!
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Me me me!!!!! (except I have no idea how to get it inside iColorama [emoji15])

(You do know you'll be giving me iColorama lessons in June, right?? [emoji849][emoji16][emoji1366][emoji482][emoji179])

You use a free app called iC Brushes. Here I've chosen an existing group. To add to the group, I tap the landscape button with the + above the thumbnails.


I choose the artichoke image I've saved.


It is added to the group, and I choose the arrow at the upper right to save. I want to save the group within iC Brushes as well as to iColorama.


There's another step to get it into iColorama.


iColorama is opened and the group appears within Imported Brushes. Since the group was already there, it is appended, resulting in duplicates.


The brush is ready to use.

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