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Dawn-2-Dusk Photo Challenge...

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Cat Milton
Hi guys,

I undertook the following challenge yesterday and found it to be both invogorating, inspiring and yes, a little ..er.. knackering ;) but wondered if a few of you might consider jumping aboard for the next one, if the date works for you? ...

Original article here - #Dawn2DuskMPC Photo Challenge


I’m very proud today to interview Cat Milton, editor of this website. Yesterday, with very little planning but lots of enthusiasm, Cat decided to undertake the first ‘dawn to dusk, Mobile Photography Central’ (MPC) challenge.

The idea was to capture an image every hour between dawn and dusk and post it as close to the hour as possible to either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Here’s her thoughts on the day and the future plans for this amazing experience.

Hi, who are you?

Hi, I’m Cat. I run Mobile Photography Central and am a keen mobile photographer and teacher based in Ibiza.

How did you get involved in the #dawn2duskMPC challenge?

The #dawn2duskMPC challenge was my (daft but fun) idea. I recently saw a group of mobile photographers across the World do a 24 hour city street photography challenge. The idea really appealed. However I was aware that it also excluded a lot of keen mobile photographers. Those who lived on farms or rural areas, people who had really interesting lives or lived in inspiring environments that simply weren’t cities. Myself included.

So, I thought I’d undertake a dawn to dusk photo-shoot, using much the same principle. Post one photo every hour from when the sun rose to when the sun set.


What mobile device and Apps did you use for the challenge?

I took my iPhone 5S and my main editing app was Snapseed.

Once or twice I dabbled with PS Express, Mextures and Photo Studio FX.
Oh, and Hipstamatic for the lunch image.

I also added an Instagram filter a couple of times as I was uploading the hourly images to Instagram.

Impression app was used for watermarks.

9am. – and screaming for breakfast

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

There were several.

Where to go.
I actually photograph Ibiza island as part of my professional work so I know where to go to get the really great shots. Had I done that, the day would have been very simple but also for me, quite repetitive.

Counter-balancing that was my partner for the day, Justin Wright (Instagram link), who really doesn’t know the island and I rather wanted to show off the islands beauty. So I tried to blend a little of both my knowledge and going off the beaten track.

This made getting a good shot each hour often quite challenging. We’d be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields or pine forests and wondering what on earth to snap and share.

I was the dedicated driver for the day and I was on the road from just before 6am to after 11pm. It made the entire event far more tiring and I wondered a couple of times, more difficult to spot the shot.

As the day progressed a sea mist or low haze came in from the sea and that started to affect the brilliance of what we were seeing. Everything got a slightly grey edge to it. Professionally, I would have stopped the shoot but this was a challenge so we persevered! Countering that, it was blisteringly hot.

No Internet!Right at the end of the challenge we were at Cala d’Hort, and needing to post an image on the hour, we discovered to our horror we had no internet access! I was almost too tired to get in the vehicle and drive, having already done so for 14 hrs. Then Rob from the fab Ibiza Walking Association arrived, with a 6 pack of beer and lo behold, a mobile device that we were able to lock into and upload the images. Panic over!

Editing under Pressure.
An hour can fly by and oops, it’s suddenly time to upload an image. You think you’ve loads to choose from but when you look at them, they all seem to suck. Justin and I were constantly ‘3 minutes to go!’ and speedily square cropping, adding filters. I actually even uploaded the wrong image at one point. Gosh, I was cross with myself!


What was the hi-light of the day?

I think without question, Justin Wrights company. We didn’t know each other – had only met about 2 or 3 times previously at social events. I knew he enjoyed Instagram so I roped him in on this adventure. He’s very funny, very competitive and also very supportive. He made the day what it was, which was great fun!


Has your impression of Ibiza changed since doing this challenge?

I’ve loved Ibiza, “long time”. However promoting the island is also my professional role and one I’ve wholly immersed myself in. It was super fun to take a day out and explore it more or less as a tourist. We popped into café’s we’d never been to before, spoke English and drove down roads previously unexplored. Be kind, be open and Ibiza will reward you a hundredfold – the challenge simply reinforced what I already knew and it was beautiful.

12 midday

Any tips for anyone else thinking of doing this challenge?

  1. Decide what your focus or style is going to be.
    I didn’t and that ensured my images were a real hodge-podge of different looks.
  2. Clear your phone memory down! You’re not just taking one image for each hour but a number of them and you’ll need some memory on your device.
  3. Have a phone charger system or a morphy battery pack type device. No mobile device is going to last an entire dawn to dusk shoot without extra juice.
  4. Take plenty of drinks and food. It’s amazing how much a quick snack can help bring your focus back on track.
  5. Dress sensibly.


What are your top three / four images you’d wish you’d been able to post?

Hindsight is a great thing

After posting an image (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) you sit back and then, “Argh, I should have posted that one!” moment happened a few times.

I love Ibiza dearly. Her beauty never fails to capture my heart and imagination – here’s the four images I rather wished I had posted.

© Cat Milton

© Cat Milton

© Cat Milton

© Cat Milton

Would you do the #dawn2duskMPC challenge again?

Absolutely. I hope others will join me too, from right around the World. This first one was a trial run. I wanted to see what I needed to know before I suggested it to others (except my lovely, now broken, guinea pig Justin) Give me a day or two to recover and I shall be raring to go!

2pm LUNCH! Whoop!

Where else in the World would you like to do this?

I’d like to start with Mallorca and Menorca, our neighbouring islands…

What’s next?
I’m working on the next date and hoping some mobile photographers – wherever you might be in the World - might get involved… watch this space

Locally, I’m looking at organising a tour – dawn to dusk, of course -

  • taking in, at least, 15 amazing locations,
  • with breakfast, lunch and dinner included plus,
  • mobile photography tuition and advice as part of the day.
There’s no escaping the fact that it will be challenging for all participants but with a comprehensive portfolio of Ibiza, enhanced knowledge of the island and a fantastic sense of achievement, I think it’s a ‘good un’
Trust me, we know!


Further Links:

#dawntoduskmpc on Starstagram – images from the day

Cat Milton on Instagram (@gentlewhisper)

Justin Wright on Instagram (@iamjustinwright)

Scroll down to see more images from Cat, of the day.





9pm and challenge complete

Justin Wright, my partner for the day

Justin Wright
Instagram -@iamjustinwright


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iPhone 7 Plus
This is AMAZING!! And how cool would that be to have a bunch of MobiPeeps participate in one?!? We could create a "Dawn2Dusk" forum thread, and then everyone who participates could post their own thread with all their photos (like our 365 Project.)

What do you think about this Venomator?



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iPhone 11 Pro
Love the forum idea :D
F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. ... :notworthy

Superb set of D2D iMages Cat, absolutely stunning work... :thumbs:

And yes, a superb idea of RoseCat's to host it here on
MobiTog too, how's about you have a go at tackling the running side (we'll help of course!)... :rog:

Bring it on... :D


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Lisa Waddell
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This is a really great idea.