Dp's Miscellany

Because of the in frequency of the Covid tested flights, many of which were unavailable, our total trip will be four weeks. We were aiming for closer to three. I would use the term “holiday“ loosely. There is a fair amount of childcare involved. Not our typical trip abroad. The boys aren’t that enthusiastic walking and sightseeing in 30°C temperatures. (Their sightseeing stamina is limited.) On the plus side there’s a lot of gelato and pizza being eaten.
We’re in Rome for another week then off for a seaside 5 days in Puglia.
Ahhhh Puglia. Lovely. My friend is down there at the moment at her house. Italy is on our amber list, so she’s had to have lots of tests before leaving and will have to have more when she gets back.
Piazza Navona

We’re in the Seattle area visiting Grace‘s family (sister, niece, cousin, great-nieces, and great-great nieces and nephew.).Tomorrow we visit Catherine and tour her THOW. (yea!)
We are about 45 miles north of Mt. Ranier. Here’s the best I could do. ( Nothing I could do about the cloud shroud.)
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