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FotoDa Gallery

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One of my favorite mixes
The egret and the flower closeup were unprocessed. The moons came from somewhere I don't remember. Maybe zenjenny? The sketchy markings overlaid at the top came from something passed through Portra.

Maybe : ) They certainly look at home here - what a happy-accident-plus-judicious-tweaking :thumbs: :notworthy: :D

both straight from FotoDa. Both combine already-apped collages
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A Blade Runner Christmas
I can't tell you much about this one as I can't even identify the images that went into it, so I'm guessing it may be a FotoDa mix of previously FotoDa-ed images. That usually results in the outcome being way too busy, but in this case, I think it worked great.

(Looking more closely, I can see that Percolator was involved at some point.)
Nobody's mentioned it so far, so maybe I'm the only one, but I frequently crop FotoDa results to isolate a part I particularly like. So this

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came from this

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All previously collaged images.

terse , I also crop most of my FotoDa versions because I usually like one particular bit.

What about other FotoDa users? Do you more often crop or keep the whole image?
I crop, especially if I do FotoDa on my phone which creates an iPhone screen shaped result.
i usually crop, also.
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