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Found Faces


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Brian Townsend
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A collection of anthropomorphisms, some as found, some enhanced.

Next to an art gallery in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec.

Waterside Beach, New Brunswick, Canada.

Waterside Beach, NB.

Dennis Beach, NB.

The wolf being devoured by the wild boar, seen in the flowing water, could not be seen at the time of shooting. Also, I made several shots at different shutter times and the wolf & boar only appear in 2 adjacent frames and just flowing water in all the rest.
iPhone 6.
Yes, you should!;)
I have some Found Faces pictures going back to film camera days, as well as other unmentionable non-mobile cameras not to be included on Mobitog. Nowadays I always have my trusty iPhone handy for such opportunities.

Newly renamed "Shrek Head" instead of the old Matthews Head (at Fundy National Park, NB. This face profile can only be seen from a kayak. In this case I'm maneuvering the tandem kayak so my friend Mike can get a shot. This shot is slightly doubled since the boat is moving in the waves during the 3 Fusion exposures. iPhone 6.

This one is perfectly obvious to anyone familiar with the species but I'll identify it for everyone else. This is a baby Ogopogo lake monster washed up on Waterside Beach, NB. Ogopogo actually resides in Okanagan Lake at Kelowna BC so I don't know what its offspring are doing in the Bay of Fundy. Perhaps I have uncovered a plot for world domination. I wonder if I made a mistake by gently returning it to the water. For more info check Ogopogo on wiki.
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