Found Faces


This could be a polar bear with earmuffs?
iPhone 6, Fusion, close-up lens.
Dredging my older iPhone files for more faces.

iPhone 5, PureShot. 2013.
I found this face exactly like this on Alma Beach. Somebody had some fun making it.
EDIT: Incidentally, the 2 round things used for eyes are the elastics that the fishermen put around the lobster claws to keep them from damaging the other lobsters, and the fishermen's fingers [emoji3]
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Red! It even matches the red in your Inspired mood badge.

To me it looks like Hitty from the Skin Horse webcomic. (Does anybody else follow Skin Horse, or am I alone here?)
I will need to Google Skin Horse... :confused:
Here's a couple more rock faces.

A wink from a sinister face.
Or, A wink is as good as a nod...

A character from the movie "Cars". Maybe a Bug-eyed Sprite. If you remember those you've been around a while. (Austin Healy Sprite)
I would say, Brian, that you have finally lost it but I really can see all the faces in your photos. However I think emulating this just might take me down a very slippery slope and it's also very eerie! Is it not time to join a club or something?? Get you mixing with real people? ;)
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