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Found Faces


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All these faces crack me up. I just don’t ‘see’ faces when I’m out photographing although of course I do realise that you can train your brain.
I’ve spent some time thinking about finding faces. Why we see faces in things that clearly are not real faces.
I think facial recognition is hard-wired in the brain. I think you just have to turn off the filter that stops you from seeing them. Being able to recognize faces would have been an important survival skill at one time. Especially being able to recognize dangerous people or animals.
The Photos app has a feature “find people” that will pick out most of the people pictures in your camera roll. But it also finds faces that aren’t people or animals if the shapes look like a face to the facial recognition software.
In a big crowd of people you don’t have any trouble picking out people you know. You don’t have to carefully study each face. Some faces seem to jump out while the rest don’t register.
If you open out the facial recognition to include animal faces, cartoon faces, alien faces, partial faces, even the vaguest hint of a face, then you see them everywhere. You don’t have to try to see them. It’s more a matter of being open to seeing anything that’s out there.
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