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Found Faces

Two faced.

PureShot, Fusion.
Another two-face.

One side has this beak-nosed, bearded, pointy eared, troll.

The other side has this character reminiscent of a cartoon ghost, with an upturned nose, from Casper the friendly ghost.
I picked up this piece of driftwood because of the interesting knobby root. But later I noticed I was being watched.
PureShot, Fusion.
I’m being watched!

This appeared on my iPad. You know when you double click on the home button to see all currently open apps, and you can quit any apps you are finished with for now. The background photo goes out of focus during this step and this is what appeared.
Later I’ll post what the screen usually looks like.
Here is the in-focus version of the out of focus face on my iPad screen.

Nothing special going on. Just a screen with some misc. apps that don’t fit in my bigger groups.
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