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Today (May 10). The daffodils got a bit of a shock today.



PureShot, Fusion.
Excess EMF

A lot of people are becoming increasingly alarmed by the amount of radio frequency radiation we are being bathed in every day. Especially with the new 5G networks sprouting up like weeds. Did anyone ask the people if they wanted to be bathed in such high energy radiation?

In your own home you have some control over how much radiation you are exposed to by thinking carefully about where you place your devices such as wifi routers and even wireless phones. I’ve read that getting an EMF reader can be a life changing event when you realize the full scope of radiation we are exposed to even in our homes. It might cause you to move these devices farther away and definitely not in the room you sleep in or near your kids’ rooms. There’s lots of info about this online so I’ll let you explore that yourself. Some people are more sensitive than others in this regard. But if you find it hard to get a good nights sleep you should probably pay attention. Most recent wifi routers are much more powerful than they need to be for home use.

We have decided to make a couple of simple changes to see what effect it has. Move the wifi router farther away - up in the attic. We just need some longer Ethernet cables for this. Shut off the wifi router at bed time. The wifi router can be connected to a timer switch to automatically turn it off and on at the desired times.
Next I need to look into shielding us from the smart meter.

I hope you don’t live too near a cell tower or a new 5G network because shielding your house from all that energy is a bit more complicated, but it can be done.
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