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Hi All...

This is a copy of the e-mail sent to all MobiMembers earlier today, 24th May 2018 (unless you have opted out of receiving such correspondence aready)... :rog:

We are sincerely sorry to be forced into removing the MobiApp, especially at such very short notice, apologies to all our App users - but do try MobiTog with your favourite mobvile browser, you will be pleasantly surprised... :D:


Hey [MobiMember],

We bet you have been getting a lot of emails regarding GDPR this month. Like many sites, Mobitog has updated our Privacy Policy to show what data we store, and how we use it. We take the security and use of your personal data very seriously.

Our new Privacy Policy that comes in to effect immediately, can be viewed here.

From time to time we may wish to communicate with all members any important information such as newsletters or announcements by email. You can opt-in to or opt-out of such emails and indeed modify all your privacy settings in your profile on Mobitog under Username (top right) then 'Privacy'.

Unfortunately, in order for us to remain GDPR compliant, we're also having to take the difficult decision to disable the Mobitog & Tapatalk app, in order for us to retain full control. You'll get an even better Mobitog experience via browser, and all the latest and greatest features too. We understand that some people prefer the app experience, but we hope you'll understand our reasons, and give the browser experience a try. You'll be able to access our gallery system, our live chat feature and lots more!

When you next login to you will be asked to agree to our new Privacy Policy and Rules. We look forward to seeing you soon. Team.
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