Mobi366 Gouvy’s Project 366 - 2020

The mascot cow of a hotel also wears a mask. :D


and because I think it’s beautiful and bees are still not seen on my balcony, I have to thank the also rare hoover flies for pollinate. Here on the basil.

Went to a funeral. RIP Luitgard. (Just this once Hipstamatic X – tintype)


On the way home I loved the how the sunlight caught the advertising column and reminded me to go and see the exhibition “Life doesn’t frighten me” soon.

Those flies are irksome, but in the sun they are emerald beauties. And don’t ask me what that black insect was, built like a tiny wasp with a very thin waist.


Eventually I made it to: “Life doesn’t frighten me – Michelle Elie wears Comme des Garçon” at the Museum of Applied Art.
Art that made me laugh. I loved walking through the rooms with the models wearing THINGS, I know it’s fashion, but not really to wear, though it’s intended to. Anyway I loved the ideas.
Here: if you want to kick the bucket better have one or two with you. The real thing is your handbag and the felt one the matching hat. :lol:


Or this one: look closer! The hat is made of old tin paint buckets :lmao:

Trip to Bad Homburg (this time with Leela, my car)
Having a coffee in the Garde of the castle (Café inside is closed and no tables outside, but they offered the benches to rest.


And after that visiting the Sinclair House with the “Zweiheit” exhibition of the Dutch artist Juilliard Kraijer. She plays around with humans and nature in sketches, photos, sculpture and video. Zweiheit means kind of double unity in a wordplay, so maybe best to translate it as duality.

robably a good listener. :)


A model with different snakes (Live Photo from the video turned into time exposure in Photos, Hipstamatic Classic actually kept it as a live one, didn’t know it can do this and turned into a still when I watermarked it.)

The office in these days is maybe a tenth of the graveyard in Chicago in size but twice as dead. So without the cars parking in the backyard I could do some nice shots of the concrete art there. I still haven’t found out who the artist is, but I like the “pictures”. :)


Great Food at the Mosh Mosh. Well, remember back then the restaurants were still open!


and at home I’ve seen the first bee on my balcony. Have a closer look: it looks like a crossing between a bee and a bumble bee with a sprinkle of a lion. What’s it? A bumble lion? A lion bee? Or a bumblion? ???


End of June, July coming up soon …
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