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Gradient and Radial


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Richard Venneman
As a long time Photoshop and Lightroom user (very non professional) I have been exploring the iPad for photo editing, compositing and basic art, I am looking for an app to use for lighting, comparing to Photoshop lighting filter and Lightroom gradient and radial filters. Any thoughts?


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Tara Lyn Joseph
Polarr has both radial and gradient adjustments, but you have to purchase the pro upgrade for $4.99 to unlock them. It's similar to the radial adjustments in LR - exposure, saturation, temp, white/black point, etc.

If you're looking to add color gradients with various blend modes, there is an app called Aurora that works quite well. It's the closest I've found to PS for that particular purpose.

If you want actual lighting effects (lens flares and such), the Brainfever apps (LensFlare, LensLight and a few others) have realistic effects that are adjustable in a number of ways.