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Hi! I’m new around here and wondering where to start and perhaps post my work.
Hey, welcome to MobiTog! You'll get the most views and comments on your images by posting in one of the ongoing challenges. (Currently they run for about two weeks, though pre-quarantine they were one week. Winner of a challenge becomes the judge for the next session.) The most popular ones:

* MobiColour is for color photos only. It usually has a theme, chosen by the previous round's winner. This time the theme is "Old and/or Abandoned." You can find it here:


* The Black & White Challenge is for b/w images (no tints!) and never has a theme. The current one is here:

* Appstract is for digital collage, manipulated photos, digital painting, and the like, and it moves a bit more slowly than the other two. The current theme is "Re-emergence" here:

* You can also start a thread of your own in the Projects and Ongoing Work section, where you can post your images whenever you like. Mine is terse fragments, and there's sinnerjohn's cabinet of curiosities, Zenjen's wreckages, ubbyisis's playground and gallery, Rizole Overexposed, and others.

* You can join the people doing a 365 (one image a day) or a 52 (one image a week).

There are other things that come up now and then, too, but that might get you started. :D


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Welcome, iNushi_photo ! Don't be afraid to post - I never heard a bad word here nor 'this is wrong, you have to do it differently'. Here it's about passion about mobile photography, not about to use high end gear. :) It's about inspiration and ideas.



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Welcome iNushi_photo ! Looks like you have lots of good advice, already.There’s not much to add. If you have a specific question, just post it and someone will get back to you!


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iNushi_photo - Hello and very warm welcome to the Global Mobile Photography Community that is MobiTog, it is great to have you join us... :D

We are very pleased you have made it to our awesome community, you will find the community extremely relaxed and laid back, we look forward to helping you make the most of our family community... :thumbs:

Please feel free to join in with any and all the activities that you fancy - we welcome newcomers active participation with open arms and we look forward to seeing more of you within the community... :)

For help using MobiTog, general guidance and other assistance, including how to use the Gallery and post iMages, there are loads of useful items in the How Do I Section just click > HERE

And RoseCat will be along a shortly to give you even more helpful pointers, but the best advice is just to leap right in and join in anywhere and everywhere you fancy we are quite a friendly bunch really... ;)

Hopefully, you will enjoy our humble offerings and will then spread the word to all of your Mobile Photography addicted acquaintances, friends, family and everyone else you can think of to help us share the MobiLurve around the globe... :inlove:

If you should need any assistance at all figuring anything MobiTog, or Mobile Photography generally, just shout up, everyone here is so very helpful, otherwise just enjoy your new family of likewise addicted Mobile Photographers... :rog:


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HI iNushi_photo :D
Looking forward to seeing your work. Intriguing avatar.


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Welcome to MobiTog iNushi_photo! So glad you joined us! You have most definitely come to the right place to meet new people, learn about mobile photography and hone your skills.
Take a look around, maybe join a challenge or two, and feel free to ask us any questions - our MobiCommunity are a super friendly and helpful bunch of mobile photography addicts enthusiasts!!

Here's some information that might prove useful as you find your way around:

At the bottom right on any page you'll see “Help” - click on that and it will bring you to our detailed help section. You can also click this link: https://mobitog.com/help/

Visit our "How Do I..." forum, where you'll find all sorts of tips and tricks to help you find your way around more easily: How Do I...

The MobiTog Community is set out in four main areas or sections:

Here we welcome everyone, post announcements and take in your suggestions and comments.

Image Sharing
Self-explanatory and broken down into sub-sections clearly named to make it easy to find a topic of your choice. It is here that you post your images.

Mobitography Discussion
For general conversations and discussions about all things mobile photography related.

Members Area
An exclusive MobiMembers-only section. Feel free to discuss things with other members - and find out about Top Secret stuff not for public consumption!

Important note: Please remember that only images originated on a mobile device (iOS or Android) can be posted to this community. No pictures created on a DSLR or compact camera are allowed.

Handy Tip: At the top of the site you'll see "New Posts", and clicking/tapping on it will take you to all the unread new posts that occurred since your last visit. Note: If there's just too many there to deal with, and you're really anal like me you can go up to the top and select "Mark Discussions Read" - and choose just a specific area to 'clear out', for example App Discussions, or choose all discussions which will clear everything and allow you to sort of 'start fresh'. That way the next time you go into New Posts, there will just be the most recent posts since you "erased" everything.

Also when you hover over your username in the very top right, you have an option to choose "Ignore New Posts", and select any forums/discussions that you DON'T want to show up.

We have lots of great challenges to help hone your skills and have loads of fun doing it, like JillyG Jilly's Black & White Challenge, and for the color-minded we have MobiColor, zenjenny Jen’s outside-the-box APPstract Challenge, and lots more. Check them out in our Competitions & Challenges forum!!

We also have some wonderful on-going Community "drop-ins", like Sign Spotting, Shadow Selfies, Found Faces, MobiTattoos
, Our Grandchildren, Our Pets, and The MobiCafe.

Lastly, if you have any questions on anything at all be sure to give us a shout out!