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Hello from Connecticut


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Wow from the Applifam days! What’s you IG name? I’m sure I know you! This is great!! So happy I rediscovered this. I took the IPhone Photography course because although I love editing I suck at photography..the class mentioned places to post and MobiTog was one of them. I still love to edit in an arty way but I’ve always admired great photography so I’m going to do more of that. So happy you’re here Jen!
@izenjenny on IG, Lolo - I have an account as zenjenny but I forgot the password and it all got very complicated (from my pov, anyway). I remember your images in Applifam, I followed Stackables (I’ve not forgiven Samir & co for dropping that beautiful app) . . . It’s all a bit blurry.

I sortof miss Applifam. I like ‘everyone have a go at this‘ challenges. I also love collaborative abstract work, and haven’t found (or found my way into) any I like on IG. And much as I love the multitudes of amazing artists I get to follow on IG (plus cute cat & dog videos :inlove:), it all gets a bit frenetic and overwhelming at times.