Hipsta 300 vs Hipsta X?

Mike in VT

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Hi everyone. For those who’ve used both recently, is there any real difference between the two apps?


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I think the developers consider the Classic as the 300
I can tell you this much. To me, this interface of Hipstamatic X is much easier to navigate. You add your own cameras, choosing the lens and film you want, (no flashes as far as I can tell) name them, and they appear on the camera page. You just tap the camera you want instead of scrolling. There’s a social group you can post images to. Also, looking for combinations is easier, the lenses and films are divided into Categories that help you find the look you’re going for. (BnW, Distressed, Retro…) If you post in the community and look through the images it’s easy to add a combo that someone else used to your own cameras. But, like Jen said, Geek1956 Kevin and lkbside Leslie are the pros. Populuxe also.
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