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Hipstamatic Magic Challenge #11


IOTM Winner - Feb 21, Sep 22
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Are you a Hipstamatic Wiz?

Wow, Hipstamatic can do that? This is a great place for discovery and to try new things and see what can be done and surprises that result. We love to see your attempts, whatever they might be. Ask a question and there’s always useful tips from the seasoned Hipstas that can take your images to the next level.

The Main Rule is simple:

1) The only apps that may be used in this Challenge are either an ordinary phone camera (i.e. with no effects) and Hipstamatic depending on what the winner decides.

The actual Hipstamatic Challenge will be decided by the winner...

The winner chooses 2 Hipstamatic Paks for the week. They can then decide on any restrictions but this is optional.

Last entries before midnight UK time on Saturday 6th April 2019. Judging will take place on Sunday 7th April 2019 or soon thereafter.

Please also see the general Mobitog Rules HERE


CHALLENGE: Jilly - I want you all to choose a lens and a film and then stick with it throughout the whole challenge. You can add what flash you like and move all of the sliders up and down until you’re exhausted, but you must stick with your one lens and one film. This way, we can all see what works with, say, a landscape or cityscape or whatever, and there can be no problem about not having a lens or a film. Please say right at the beginning of your first post what you’re going to be using. Go forth and Hipsta-ply!:lol:
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