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Image of the Month is where we nominate what we, the Mobitog members, consider our favourite images from those posted by other members in this month of December.

Any Mobitog member that wishes to make nominations will have up to 4 nominations from throughout the month, closing day will be the 30 November.

RULES (yes, there are always rules!)
1. You cannot nominate your own images.
2. You only have 4 nominations. You don't have to use them up all in one go, but can spread them out throughout the month.
3. If an image has already been nominated you cannot nominate it again.
4. The image can be from any thread on Mobitog i.e. B/W Challenge, Color Challenge, APPstract or any of the 365's running or members own personal threads, as long as it’s in the correct month.
5. It must have been posted in the current month.

As you nominate an image can you please consecutively number the image at the top and include the name of the original poster.

Voting takes place after the end of the current month. This is where you get to vote on your favourite images from all of the submissions. It’s not compulsory to vote for those images that you nominated. In fact, it’s not compulsory to vote at all, but it would be nice.

Voting will commence on the 1st February 2023
#1. terse Ted Gang of five


This image has it all: water, reflections . . . egrets . . . :inlove:
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