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iMage of the Month ****Image of the Month - November - RESULT****


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iPhone 11 Pro
Time to close and count the votes as I think we've probably squeezed all the votes we are going to get.

This month shows more than any other its important for people to cast their vote. It was a 3 way race between RoseCat, deepop and myself for the honour.
But the last two lots of votes gave JillyG another 10 points :eek: giving her 22 points to my 17 and RoseCat and deepop on 15 apiece.

So the winner of the IOTM November is JillyG with Tulip

a magnificent image that I'd bookmarked to nominate myself.

So Congratulations Jilly ( I nearly won on my birthday as well :lol: ) Hopefully the higher power....... Venomator will 'install you' on the front page sometime soon ;)

Link to December IOTM
Well deserved JillyG !! ❤️ Your image is stunning… needs to be printed and framed! xo