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Interview with Federica Corbelli, alias Lubaluft


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AND... For those of us whose Italian is a little, shall we just say, rusty, here is the English version courtesy of Google Translate and with the kind permission of davidroccato as ever, thanks David... :D

MobiTog takes no responsibility for any errors or glaring faux pas caused by the rough and ready translation, just fit your own words in as appropriate... ;)

Of course, if Federica were to grace our discussions, well, we may have to ask her to check through the accuracy of the proper version...

Interview with Federica Corbelli. The Charm of Decadence

Today we have with us Federica Corbelli aka Lubaluft , iPhoneographer Genoese from the very particular style "decadent".

Hello Federica. Welcome on Italianeography. Introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello, my name is Federica Corbelli, I was born in Genoa and about 13 years living and working in Milan in an Information Technology company. My passion for photography has developed around 1992, when I decided to take a course on photography and video communication. Thanks to this I was able to work for several years as an assistant at a studio photographers who were primarily of architectural photography using the legendary optical bench (the digital did not exist yet) and photo reportage.

This has allowed me to learn the technique in the field, the accuracy of the frame and the importance of light in the most diverse situations: all the conditions that the observer can not find my pictures. Over time, in fact I let myself go more to the feelings of the place in which I find myself in that at the time of shooting technique.One of my teacher fashion photographer, Hasselblad Fitted, said that it is important that you have the means to make the photo as it is the ability to get a good shot.How could this be true? Then I understood.

Your photos are very disturbing and horror ...
Not properly describe as horror rather decadent. In them I try to transfer the suffering of the things that pass, the time that relentlessly dumb objects, scenarios. I take inspiration from urban decay, abandonment of architectural experiences and everything that communicates feelings, not necessarily positive.

How do you choose your subjects?
Usually everything comes rather randomly, even if sometimes we start already with ideas that suit the spirit of the place that we go to visit. As for the costumes often choose them with the people I photograph and though sometimes its just a little to create a quick but effective disguise.

Always use real people or sometimes the add in post production?
Unfortunately I have not provided many individuals with costumes willing to spend a day somewhere disastrously abandoned, so sometimes I have to resort to tricks like self-portraits or image overlays.

And the location? Choose mostly abandoned buildings. Are always the same or change?
Exploring abandoned buildings is a passion that I always had, even before photography. The union of two things now gives me the opportunity to share publicly what for years I could only see myself. The search for new places abandoned by capture is constant even if I happen to go back to those who are most fond of, maybe just to see how you consume each passing year. If only, in the course of time, I had taken pictures of these buildings, now I have a sequential overview of their decline, the end in the end.

Often using wide angle and fisheye ...
Since I discovered the Olloclip lens I have not abandoned. Meanwhile, allow me to take more field than the standard lens of iPhone and I like the effect it creates distorted at times dramatic. Sure distorts and blurs the sides but perfection is not what I'm looking for.

What app you use to make your images?
To use the app shooting 6 × 6 that allows me to see the photos in square format directly without having to crop later, or SlowShutter when the subject is moving or want to accentuate the blur. For editing instead use a series of apps, list those that never fail in my edit: Snapseed - for tuning the image, Superimpose - to the superposition of a subject, Filterstorm - to eliminate, with the Clone tool dirty elements from the picture, Mexture - for textures.

When you create will inspire you to something or someone?
The moments when I create are two, the first in which shooting, where they are immersed in the scents and silence of the place where I am and the second when it published the photos. Both are fantastic, almost dreamlike, the former because I live in first person and the second because I can rework the way I want. So I would say that the only thing that inspires me is everything around me.
Federica Thanks for letting us discover the secrets of your magnetic creations. If you want to see more, please visit the Flickr of Lubaluft.



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Great interview with some truly outstanding photos!! Thank you for sharing (and translating, Rog)!