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Image of the Month IoTM May RESULT


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iPhone 14 Pro Max
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Welcome to Image of the Month MAY 2023

What were your favourite images this month?

April Image of the Month Winner
Watch this space

See previous IoTM winners here


1. Please nominate up to four images (not your own)
2. Any/all image/s posted this month in any Mobitog thread are eligible

Please number the image as you post it, add its title and the name of the original poster
. . . and a few words about what you like about the image.

VOTING Opens 1 May 2023

TIME ZONE Currently AWST (GMT +8)
#1 deepop David’s “Garden Bouquet”
So beautiful…

#4 Starzee Leland and two scooters


Deliciously different. Love the Hipsta edit and the off-beat composition. Dark and foreboding abruptly interrupted by all that light and bright and youthfulness.
And the kid has two scooters. Perfect.
Paint can abstract

The colors are fabulous, but what I love most about this is that it was done in Snapseed! I have never considered that an “arty“ app.
Paint can abstract
View attachment 193001
The colors are fabulous, but what I love most about this is that it was done in Snapseed! I have never considered that an “arty“ app.
Thank you
Regarding Snapseed, I agree, its not really an Arty APP so I find I have to really experiment with various settings to get a final result that I'm happy with, I find I undo a lot of settings if I don't like the effect, and any colours in the image can be boosted with the Tools saturation setting.
I play around on it so much, I could never remember or repeat each process again, so each image is a one off so to speak, but I enjoy the challenge, and can highly recommend the APP to add to a phone/ Tablet :thumbs::)
Thank you for your nominations for the May Image of the Month. IotM is now closed for nominations and OPEN for VOTING.

Each MobiTog member gets three votes. Please vote for three different images (and no voting for your own image)! Vote for your first through third choice like this:

#92 5 pts​
#63 3 pts​
#43 1 pt​

Voting will close at the end of the day on June 7th.

Thanks for voting!
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